Summary Of ' The Boy 's The Striped Pajamas '

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Summary The Boy in the Striped Pajamas takes place in 1943 Germany. A mother and father of two children named Bruno and Gretel live in a lavish 5-story house in Berlin. Things start to change when the children’s father is promoted to commander of the Nazis and the family has to pack up and relocate Auschwitz. The story is unveiled through the innocent eyes of their 9 year old child Bruno. Plot The novel begins with Bruno and his family in the process of packing their belongings to move to their new house in a place knows as “Out With”. This is not an easy move for the family being that it is difficult for both the children and mother to leave their old lives, friends and family, but in less than two days they arrived to their new home. At the new house Gretel becomes well-acquainted with a blond 19 year old Nazi soldier named Lieutenant Kotler and begins to flirt with him. Despite his sister’s immense crush on the boy, Bruno takes a disliking to him because of his cruel behavior and mistreatment towards Bruno and him intentional referring to him as “little man”. Bruno becomes extremely bored and uninterested with the home, being that there is no one to talk to or any notable places worth exploration. One day his boredom leads him to venture towards the fence that separated their house from the house as a chef he spent the rest of his time living in the concentration camps. Weeks later, Lieutenant Kotler is invited to their house to eat dinner. At this time Pavel has

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