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Summary of Film Directed by John Hughes and produced by Ned Tanen and John Hughes in 1985, The Breakfast Club is a classic film depicting the scene of five high school students who spend their Saturday in detention together. The stereotypical popular girl is played by a character named Claire and she somewhat associates with the admired wrestler, Andrew. Brian is the character that embodies an intellectual personality, while Allison is portrayed as the misfit. Lastly, there is John also referred to as “Bender”, a character who symbolizes the “reckless bad boy” that every high school seems to have. At the beginning of the film, the students are portrayed as vastly different, and nothing more than their personal stereotype.…show more content…
Brian asks the group if they will be friends once they leave the library and go back to their normal lives. The unfortunate response is that the reality of the five students associating outside of detention is very slim. Though they experienced a genuine and vulnerable connection with one another, they all acknowledge that they will go back to their respective cliques. After this conversation happens, the most famous scene and essence of the entire film is demonstrated by the letter Brian writes to Mr. Vernon. In the letter, Brian tells Mr. Vernon that although the five students are seen as nothing more than their labels, they have all come to the realization that despite their differences, they have much more in common and are so much more than a label. He then signs the letter, The Breakfast Club, as a final seal over the time the students spent together in detention. Social learning theory: In the movie "Breakfast Club", there is a character named Bender, who shows typical antisocial behaviors. I think his antisocial character can be understood by connecting it with social learning theory. First, Bender enjoyed bullying and making fun of other students, he couldn 't stop his behavior of destroying things around him and sneering at others. Also, from the movie, we know that his father abuses him and his mother doesn’t care about him, and his anger towards his parents is strong. From Skinner 's operant learning theory, we

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