Summary Of ' The Butterfly '

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Harris Anderson English Creative Writing The Butterfly. Jack awoke, fully aware of his intentions. He was definitely in the right spot. He checked the time: 10:42pm. They’d be passing within the next 5 minutes. He focussed upon the ground of the ahead of him and began counting the bricks. One, two, three, four…he stopped at the fifth, crouched down, and retrieved a small spatula from his jacket. He pried the fifth brick out of the ground, about half an inch; just enough so that it would catch the foot of the intended target. Jack stood up once more, glancing down at the dislodged brick. It looked about right, as if it would fulfil its intended purpose effectively. Perhaps it wasn’t quite as covert as he tended to prefer, but he was sure it was good enough to handle the task required of it. Jack unzipped the duffle bag he’d brought with him. Inside, a small metal rake lay alone in the main compartment. He used it in several of his visions, Both as a weapon and as a prop. Whilst the “heads on” approach would certainly have been more satisfying for Jack, it often resulted in injury or death on his part within his visions. Thus, he much preferred the odds of its usage as a prop, even if that meant making the occasion somewhat less “fun”. He hurried back over to the dislodged brick and placed the rake exactly five bricks away, before observing his setup once more. He internally counted out the bricks upon which the handle of the rake lay across; pausing just before the
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