Summary Of ' The Catcher Of The Rye ' Essay

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Emily Tillotson Mr. Turner English 12-CP Theme Essay December 3, 2014 The Catcher in the Rye Theme Essay “If a body meet a body, coming through the rye.” This is a quote by Robert Burns and it talks about how being an adult and having casual sex is okay. The Catcher in the Rye by J.d Salinger is a novel about the life of a troubled boy by the name of Holden Caulfield. There is one trait that brings every person together and that is growing up. [JT1] Some people do not grow up and become lost in their own thoughts and innocence. Holden’s innocence gets the best of him when he misheard the lyrics to a song about sex. Holden substitutes the word meet to carry, because he takes it as a different meaning in his own mind. Holden wants to spend his life catching the kids that are about to fall off the cliff in the rye, because when they fall off the cliff they fall out of their innocence. This innocence is their knowledge on sex and growing up. The road to growing up from a child to an adult is scary, anxious, and challenging. When Holden Caulfield is introduced in the story he seems as if he were to be any other normal teenager. He doesn’t like school and continuously complains about it. Holden claims he does not like his school or any other school he has been a part of for that matter. Like any other teenager Holden talks and thinks about girls. Holden has always had a crush on this girl named Jane. Holden has only a few
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