Summary Of The Chrysanthemums By Elisa Allen

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“The Chrysanthemums” is about Elisa Allen, a woman that works in a flower garden tending to her chrysanthemums. She works on a ranch with her husband, Henry. She is a very strong woman with strong, tender hands. A mysterious man in his wagon approaches her house. He comes up to Elisa asking her if she has anything for him to fix like pots, knives, or scissors. He asks her because he needs money for dinner. Then, he asks Elisa about her flowers, and she happily tells him about their color, size, and unique smell. The man complimented her work and flowers. He tells Elisa he knows a woman with a beautiful garden, and she was looking for chrysanthemums to add to her garden. Elisa explains how to care for the flowers and to make them grow to the
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