Summary Of ' The Chrysanthemums ' By John Steinbeck

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Summary Response Essay- “The Chrysanthemums”
Their are times in life when we all get so busy that we forget to make time for people we care about. This is because we take each other for granted and push aside the important things such as having fun, talking to each other and enjoying life with each other to deal with things we consider to be more important and concerning. This type of situation is becoming way too common in todays society with people connected with their work and that we no longer spend time with people in person which can affect an individuals emotions and well being. In the story “The Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck a couple have issues with their relationship due to being overworked and not spending enough time together. The relationship and situation of the character is shown by the landscape, the deep issues between them and how they grow and change because of it. The first issue can be seen with the landscape, which relates to the main theme of loss of love over a long time due to overworking. We see this theme through out the story in many different ways. The discussion with the meat company is an example of this. When Henry is talking to the strangers his wife Elisa was working in the garden. This is an example of how divided they are in their relationship. Another example of where this happens is when Henry suggests they go out for dinner at a restaurant but his wife disagrees and wants to stay home. Another example is when they work outside
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