Summary Of ' The Clackety Clack Sound Of Horse Hooves And A Jingling Harness '

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The clackety clack sound of horse hooves and a jingling harness drew Allie’s attention to the street below; she watches as Eli alights from the Harris family carriage and tells the driver, George, to pick him up in two hours. Always courteous and a proper Southern gentleman, Eli never stayed longer than two hours, which was the appropriate amount of time allowed for visiting with friends and family, otherwise, he said, you might wear out your welcome.
It took several minutes before Eli reached the balcony where she sat watching the harbor; he took a seat in the other chair.
“Do you ever tire of watching the harbor?”
“No, not really- I enjoy sitting out here,” Allie replied, tucking her pencil inside a pocket on her journal and securing the clasp.
“I see you have your journal out, have you written anything lately?”
“Not really; I’ve mainly been writing what I observe while sitting out here.”
“And what do you observe,” asked Eli, staring out toward the ocean.
“Ships that come and go- I wonder where they’ve been and where they’re going when they leave. I wonder what they carry with them and what they bring. The other day when I went to the market, I saw stalks of sugarcane- one of the vendors said that it came from Barbados. Barbados is an island like Jamaica- maybe Thomas will take me there one day…”
“Daydreaming of other places helps pass the time, Cousin, but you must also watch for signs of an impending invasion.”
“And just what might those signs be, dear Eli? According to
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