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The client, Connie, has two main groups that make up her social relationships, her family and her friends. Her family relationships consist of her mother, father, brother, and cousins. Her friend relationships consist of her high school friends, Austin and Minna, her college roommates, Maggie, Elyssia, Ashleigh, Becca, and Connor, and her college friends, Selina, Jojo, and John. Her friends and her communicate mostly through text, face time, and social media outlets. As for her family relationships she sees them when she is home on breaks and holidays, and will communicate with them via phone calls and texts as well. Her family is the most important to her because they have always been there for her when she has needed them the most. She considers them her backbone and she knows they will always have her best interest in mind. They are very loving and supportive of her. Along with her family she includes her cousins as an important relationship. Her cousins are her go to people when she is in times of struggle or just need some advice. She turns to them and she knows she can trust them with anything. When she is having a tough time they always lift her up and make her fell better, they are her best friends and make her who she is as a person today. As for other important relationships she considers her high school and college friends to be very important as well. Austin is her number one best friend. They both understand each other and seem to be practically one in the

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