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About eleven o 'clock, Lucille Henderson, observing that her party was soaring at the proper height, and just having been smiled at by Jack Delroy, forced herself to glance over in the direction of Edna Phillips, who since eight o 'clock had been sitting in the big red chair, smoking cigarettes and yodeling hellos and wearing a very bright eye which young men were not bothering to catch. Edna 's direction still the same, Lucille Henderson sighed as heavily as her dress would allow, and then, knitting what there was of her brows, gazed about the room at the noisy young people she had invited to drink up her father 's Scotch. Then abruptly she swished to where William Jameson Junior sat, biting his fingernails and staring at a small blonde girl sitting on the floor with three young men from Rutgers. "Hello, there," Lucille Henderson said, clutching William Jameson Junior 's arm. "Come on,"she said. "There 's someone I 'd like you to meet." "Who?" "This girl. She 's swell." And Jameson followed her across the room, at the same time trying to make short work of a hangnail on his thumb. "Edna baby," Lucille Henderson said, "I 'd love you to really know Bill Jameson. Bill - Edna Phillips. Or have you two birds met already?" "No," said Edna, taking in Jameson 's large nose, flabby mouth, narrow shoulders. "I 'm awfully glad to meet you" she told him. "Gladda know ya," Jameson replied, mentally contrasting Edna 's all with the all of the small blonde across the room. "Bill 's a

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