Summary Of ' The Crazy Cat Lady Might Be Crazy '

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The crazy cat lady might be crazy, but she sure does have some fuzzy socks. Okay, the socks come later in the story. Let’s start from the beginning. Since childhood, Alex had an intense love for her numerous cats. As she was incredibly awkward, she was much more comfortable around cats than she was people and often secluded herself in the fortress that was her room. However, as of right now her room seemed more like a prison than a home. All she really wanted to do at that moment was to get some fresh air. Clad in only her cat pajamas and armed with nothing but a cellphone and her keys, she took a step into the treacherous outdoors and braved nature for the first time in what seemed like months. However, as soon as she opened up the door her Turkish Angora, Missy, bolted into her neighbor 's yard. Alex, being the epitome of mature adults, started shouting at the bushes where Missy had disappeared.
“She’s alive!” A thick Irish accent drifted over from the porch next door. Caught acting like a total idiot, Alex was left temporarily speechless. Attempting to regain her dignity, she spoke up. “Uhh... Well, you- uh, you see… Wait, are you Irish?”
“I migrated over here from Ireland a few months ago.”
“Oh, that’s...swag.” She responded while violently flailing her hands around in a horrible attempt to act cool.
“So, what did my shrubs do to offend you?” He asked, completely unfazed by her awkwardness.
Alex tried to make
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