Summary Of ' The Curious Incident Of The Dog 's Time '

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One Look - a Thousand Views The novel is the most comprehensive prose form, where the author describes a number of events, characters and shows the society as an entirety. It is a popular literary form from which we can learn a lot about other cultures, historical events, experiences of other people, but also be taken into the interesting world of different characters. A good novel leads us to think about the text we read, and very often to reconsider our own attitudes. This is exactly what Mark Haddon succeeded in his novel "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time". By using an interesting sequence of events, realistic descriptions and faithful portraits of the characters, the author hypnotizes the readers with the world of the autistic, but in many ways special boy Christopher. With the interesting storytelling, throughout the novel runs the question where the line between the truth and reality is, and whether there is always only one truth. Haddon is playing with our minds and makes us to think about our own perception. Therefore, the reader comes to the conclusion that the truth is not always what we see, but that we need to explore below the surface and look for it, and also to accept different perceptions of what has already been considered as the truth. Very often the truth is not what we actually see. When we notice someone who does not behave like a “typical” person, we shouldn’t make hasty conclusions and prejudice unverified facts. Christopher

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