Summary Of The Danger Of A Single Story By Ted Talk

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I think the Ted Talk “The Danger of a Single Story” was eye-opening and a little daunting. As far as the eye-opening part, it was amazing to think about how often people assume a single story and not just about race. I remember I had a professor talk about how when he was at dinner parties or functions that he would talk around the single most asked question, “What do you do?” Because not only do we look at a person’s skin or clothes, hear their accent, or see a religious symbol from their neck and immediately classify them but we also have a pressing need to know what people do so that we can place them in the appropriate box. The difference between the single story of being a writer or an author, a teacher or a professor, a cook or a chef, is a part of our…show more content…
So as a writer there is a sense of excitement, thinking “This is something I could possibly change. I tell stories. I could make a change.” Unfortunately, this is where the question comes into play that I have yet to find an answer for, how does a white girl from America tell the unrepresented stories of a multitude of other people while the world tells me that because I am privileged to be born white that I cannot write the stories of another race without being racist or racially appropriating or racially insensitive. So, while this woman is talking about how by learning all the stories of a person can help circumvent the dangers of the single story, I, as a white woman, am told that to relate to people outside of my ethnic group is politically incorrect. For someone who just wants to do good with their writing and tell stories that will mean something to people it is easy to see why things continue to be whitewashed; because it is just so damn scary to try for something good and be told that it makes you a bad person
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