Summary Of ' The Death Cure '

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Chelcie Tjoeng
Mrs. Moskovitz
English II Honors/Period 4

1. Title of Work: The Death Cure
2. Author and Date Written: James Dashner; 2011
The Death Cure has been initially published in 2013. The morals of this book is society, and how it could be so corrupt from poor judgements. The Death Cure is very similar to how a dystopian society would be like. It shows how bad society could be like in the future. In this case, WICKED, a scientific government, using experiments to test kids in a cruel way of what their abilities are, is where it shows how governments can be cruel and selfish even if their job is to try and protect the country.
3. Country of Author: Georgia, USA
4. Characters:
Thomas- (protagonist; hard-working) Thomas, a teenage boy, who was a Runner from Group A, before trying to escape it with his fellow Gladers, continued to cross the Scorch in The Scorch Trials. Thomas was manipulated constantly by almost everyone, making it difficult for him to trust others again. He escapes from WICKED’s headquarters after they were trying to force Thomas to get his memories back. Then, it soon becomes part of the conflict between WICKED and a rebellious cooperation that dislikes it, known as the Right Arm.
Minho- (competitive; fierce) Minho, a Glader from Group A, was a fellow Runner of Thomas’ back in the Glade. Throughout the series, he becomes one of Thomas’ steadfast faithful companion throughout all their trials. Then, joining Thomas to escape WICKED’s
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