Summary Of ' The Desert With Your Tribe '

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As you walk through the desert with your tribe, you notice off in the far vague distance tiny shadows, peeping over the horizon. In desperate need of water you, along with your kin, decide to venture off towards the shadows. You think to yourself, “Maybe the strangers off over the horizon have ample amounts water skins they would be willing to trade for some of our good.” Time passes by as the shadows begin to draw more closely. As you begin to make out faces and body shapes, a familiar face stares back at you. An enormous amount of joy floods your body, as your kin and the other tribe begin to run towards each other. After wandering such a long way in search of water, you have stumbled across the neighboring tribe from the North. Because your kin have done trade for good and supplies before, the neighboring tribe greets you with arms wide open, quenching your dry throats with fresh stream water. Throughout history, political structures, along with trade, have been a very influential part of life. From foraging societies to modern day society, political structures have always impacted our way of living. Often times, throughout history, women are over looked. In Nisa, she is depicted as a strong young woman in an African society. In modern day society, women are often judged and responsible for divorce. In Nisa’s case she eventually had 3 lovers and multiple children. I find this ironic because I think this shows that their societies aren 't as judgmental as

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