Summary Of The Devil In The White City

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The Devil in the White City

The Devil in The White City starts out by naming all the characters. It also talks about a world fair that is going to take place in the United States. They didn’t know what city to host the fair with, so they already had their cities then they had an election. With Chicago being bigger than Philadelphia it came down between New York and Chicago. They had another election day for it, and Chicago upset New York.

Everybody was excited for Chicago. But Chicago had a lot of work to do. So, they had to get a landscape architect, and had to get a lot of construction workers moving. Once they started that they had to pick a park to have the fair in. They wanted to build more skyscrapers to make the city look bigger. Large numbers of rich citizens tried to build the buildings but they weren’t building but 2-3 of them.

As tensions rose in Chicago. The plan of the fair got more complicated. Burnham and Root continued to get their jobs finished before people from foreign countries arrive. It took longer for them to build with technology of 1893. Burnham who was the lead architect and Root another architect. Are working together to finish the fair project.

Which they both said that “the fair is the biggest project they`ll ever have”. The murders mostly took place in Chicago but the book says they were “occasional lurch across state line” it says that on page xi. One other thing about the book is the architects from the fair. One is from New York and one is from Chicago. But they said they were “tied together”. They both talk about marrying beautiful women and having children. And both of their offices are facing south.

The books time line last 1890-1893. And covers the struggles of Daniel Burnham and John Root. They worked hard on trying to get the world fair landscaping done and make the fair

perfect. And give The United States of America a good name. Because at the beginning of the book the United States wanted to beat France`s World Fair. America wanted to be at top of everything. The murder in the book tricked people into the murder castle and kill them. For people to be from a different country they wouldn’t know about everything in the United States.

In chapter 3 Dr. H. H. Holmes
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