Summary Of 'The Disappointment'

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In “The Disappointment”, there has been many different questions revolving assault. For example, “Who is the victim in this story?” “Were both characters willing or forced?” “Was Cloris a victim at all?” Some people answer that the female character,Cloris, was the victim because she went through the assault, but others say she gave consent to the male character, Lysander, and that what happened in the story should not be classified as sexual assault, rather than concentrol. Many believe that Cloris was a victim of sexual assault. She was on the very edge of the activities the whole time, so she was never fully concentrol. Majority of this story is how the male role was superior to women. “The Disappointment” was based in the 1680’s,…show more content…
Marriage was desirable for both men and women, men to have a maid, and women to be taken cared of.
The potential for female power is shown later on through many presentations of Lysander seemingly weakened by passion. The intensity of his arousal seems to be his weakness as he pursues Cloris more into the story. However, his male power is shown through the imagery when the author says, “His burning, trembling hand he pressed/ Upon her swelling snowy breast.” (Behn, line 36-37) This imagery of fire versus ice at first glance shows the power between the male gender role and the female gender role. Yet although Lysander is portrayed as ‘trembling’ he still has power over Cloris. This could be a way of showing that due to the social constructions of gender and how they have been, even weak males are to be seen as powerful.
Although in the story Cloris and Lysander were not married, this just shows how little power women had against men. The whole story is very clear that Lysander overpowered Cloris with his physical and emotional skills. Cloris was having mixed feelings about yielding the fondling throughout majority of the story. Her sense of respect of staying a virgin clashes with her love for Lysander and her desire for him and the pleasure he brings.
Lysander is shown to be forceful throughout the story, we can see this in the quotes, “His daring hand that altar seized” (Behn, line 45) and “Mad to possess,
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