Summary Of ' The Drover 's Wife '

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Evans Agbonsalo Comp 1A Margaret Carkeet Life in the Bush In the story “The Drover’s Wife”, Henry Lawson shows the struggles and hardships of an Australian woman, whose bravery and perseverance goes unappreciated. The main character of the story has no name, but is referred to as the “Drover’s Wife” and “Bush Woman”. This may have be done intentionally by the author to create gender identity. By doing this, it deprives the woman of her identity and personality. However, it corresponds to societal views of women being the “Drover’s Wife.” As the bush woman patiently waits for the snake, Lawson places a great emphasis on many of the challenges and conformities to gender stereotypes that affect many women through the “Drover’s Wife’s” ability to overcome the threatening situations. Lawson wants the reader to evoke sympathy for the “Drover’s Wife’s” through the events that take place in the story. Using imagery, repetition, and personification the strength of the “Drover’s Wife” is shown as she recalls events such as having to defend herself and her family, fighting against bushfires, floods, and snakes. As she defies the societal norms of a woman by acting as both a nurturer and a provider for her children, the “Drover’s Wife” is placed into stressful situations that causes the reader to pity her. In the opening paragraphs of this story, the author uses imagery to create a sense of isolation: “The two-roomed house is built of round timber, slabs, and stringy bark, and floored
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