Summary Of The Exaltation Of Inanna '

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The Exaltation of Inanna reads as an ode filled with several flatteries given to Inanna in the same way a child flatters a mother before asking for a piece of candy. Enheduanna immediately addresses Inanna after describing Inanna’s beauty and how great her powers are. Enheduanna finally claims ownership after telling Inanna that she's aware of all the powers Inanna possesses and as the High Priestess she prayed to her. Enheduanna explains how Lugalanne was once an ally of hers until he kicked her out of the priesthood and now the people that are controlled by him are sinners and hate her Nanna. Enheduanna wants Inanna to haunt Lugalanne into giving Enheduanna back her position as High Priestess. Enheduanna also describes how she has come to
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