Summary Of The Film Irobot

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Underneath the sound effects, costumes and out-of-world context, films of science fiction frequently contain hypothetical implications that mimic modern society in the way that artificial and biological life communicate. The film IRobot (2004) directed by Alex Proyas, leads readers through the year 2035 where humans and robots life side by side, until detective Del Spooner discovers a conspiracy that may enslave the human race. IRobot comments on the notion that, “Art Imitates Life” by using film codes, such as camera shots and colour to identify the importance of the unification of artificial and biological intelligence, and that humankind's quest to evolve can lead to a lack of individuality. Symbolic and audio codes reveal that technological and human power can be a corrupting force in both the fictional world and modern society. IRobot encourages viewers to take the messages about technological danger and look at our own current society to question these controversial issues. Humans have always been ambitious, willing to create the new and impossible, yet this has caused humankind itself to lose the spark that is their own individuality. Through symbolic and audio codes, IRobot portrays the signification of independence and the blurred identity of our present time. IRobot displays the exaggerated lack of character that is making society to become followers rather than leaders. At the orientation of the film, viewers see a long shot of Del Spooner walking through the

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