Summary Of The Film 'Kinsey'

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“I think I might like that.”
Honey, do you want the lights on or off tonight? University professor Dr. Kinsey would advocate for the lights to be kept on. Kinsey, directed by Bill Condon, starring Liam Neeson as Dr. Alfred ‘Prok’ Kinsey, delivers a near perfect portrayal of an obsessive gall wasp collecting scientist turned sexual revolutionary firestarter. Released in 2004, this biographical drama centered around one man’s mission to understand how societal norms and values of the early 20th century, wield the power to oppress and label any sexual action that deviated from heteronormative, as deviant, and punishable by law. The movie highlights Kinsey’s determination to understand the relationship between ones biological sex, gender role identity, and human sexuality. Even though Kinsey theorizes that humans are simply more complex gall wasps governed by morality
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The film cautiously draws a comparison between the disappearance of Kinsey’s funding, the questioning of the accuracy of his qualitative interview methods, as well as observational and participatory experiments between himself and his staff and finally, the release of his, albeit a biased androcentric second study of sexual behaviour focused entirely on the evolutionary inferior other: women.
Kinsey’s goal, as with all other protagonists, is to achieve a sense of enlightenment – and maybe he did. The film highlights how Kinsey’s curiosity, dedication and patience has set many new precedents within the field of psychology and biology. Kinsey promises to leave you wanting more stimulation. Using nothing more than social lubricant, Dr. Kinsey encouraged a generation to locate their sexual light switch and turn it
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