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For this assignment, I chose to watch the film Mona Lisa Smile, which came out in 2003. The content of this film relates to many of the topics we have discussed or will discuss throughout this course. One area of course content that relates to this film is intersectionality. This is an area, which we spent a lengthy amount of time discussing during this course. Based off of the information we learned relating to this topic, intersectionality is a feminist approach that seeks to explore and understand various social categorizations. Typically, these various social categories can lead to the formation of overlapping systems of oppression and inequality. This topic is related to the film because the female characters are all different from one another and each of them is made up of multiple categorizations. This caused them to experience various obstacles throughout the movie.
When looking at the content of this course, one topic that played a major role throughout the film was education. We have not discussed this area yet in the course, however women have faced many adversities in relation to this topic over the years. In the film, most of the characters are students at a prestigious all girls school called Wellesley College. Although it appears that the female students are there seeking higher education in reality, most of the girls are there to find a husband.
Additionally, the content of this course also relates to the film Mona Lisa Smile when looking at employment and the issues women are faced with. Although issues surrounding women in the workplace have drastically improved over the years, women still have difficulty establishing respect. They also still have a hard time obtaining higher-level supervisory roles in the workplace. Throughout the film, the students are discouraged from working after graduation and from continuing their education. The female faculty members are expected to act a certain way and are very limited with what they can and cannot do at Wellesley College. The main character in the film, Katherine was even targeted by her employer for falling outside of the norm. When it was time to renew her contract she was told she would only be asked back if she agreed to stick to the course

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