Summary Of The Film 'The Star Spangled Banner'

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Close to 70,000 roaring pigskin fans erupted in unison as red, white, and blue fireworks exploded overhead at Levi’s Stadium. As Beyonce finished her beautiful rendition of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’, there was a single man not on his feet. Although he was a professional athlete, he remained kneeling on the turf like a wounded soldier. His head was hung low; his face was buried in his military edition jersey. While the rest of Levi’s Stadium was looking up at the Air Force flyover in hope, Kaepernick was looking towards the ground in despair. Similar to the state America was in, Colin Kaepernick was broken on the inside. It had been almost half a decade since the veteran quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers began his protest of the national…show more content…
Under the north scoreboard was a large group hollering ‘black lives matter’. The group on the direct opposite side of the field drowned out the other protesters with their chant of ‘end the war’. Kaepernick visually was disturbed by these restless fans. He can’t help but wonder if this is an effect of his own actions. Before he realizes it, the game starts and Kaepernick rushes to get his helmet on. In the huddle, many of his teammates notice how their quarterback seems disturbed. Their suspicions are confirmed as he throws the ball straight away to the other team. The commentators noted that the ball sailed into nothingness, similar to the way his mind seemed to trail off to the wrong things. Just as quickly as Kaepernick strapped his helmet on, he ripped it off, revealing his graying afro in the process; he was clearly in distress. The score ended up being thirty-eight to three. Kaepernick threw four interceptions and added not a single touchdown. As he runs through the tunnel to get back to his locker room, the entire atmosphere seemed to fill with boos. This was weekly now as Colin was underperforming basically every
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