Summary Of The Flip Side Of Internet Fame

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In the article “The Flip Side of Internet Fame“, author Jessica Bennet argues that while posting things online can get you a quick rise to fame, these embarrassing things do stick with you for a lifetime. Bennet wrote, “ In 2002, Ghyslain Raza, a Canadian teen filmed himself acting out a fight scene from ‘Star Wars’. Using a makeshift light saber, Ghyslains’s awkward performance marked him as ‘internet famous’. Jessica stated that for over a year the video was kept on a school shelf at Raza’s schools’s Tv studio;however, in 2003 one student discovered the video , digitized it and posted it online, and that's when Raza’s nightmare began. In this first part of Bennett’s argument, she stated that Raza’s nightmare began, in 2003 when the filmed
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