Summary Of ' The Goldberg's '

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The Goldberg 's lived in one of the tiny, pale boxlike houses with an iron gate and a brown door on Emilien Strasse. It was simple with a couple of rooms, a kitchen, and a collective outhouse. The roof peaked and there was a shallow storeroom below the dwelling. Inside Ester yawned sleepily and rolled over and propped herself up on an elbow, "Last night I dreamt that I was locked in a room again. I feel like I was trapped and dying." She drowsily revealed to her mother who was busy. "I knocked on the boor, but no one came." After Ester had described her dream and received no response. She wiped the sleep out her eyes and glanced over at her frail mother who was placing items in a satchel. "What are you doing mama?" She inquired. "I 'm packing some things for you darling. You are going to stay with Miss Muller. Come here," she said and straightened her light blue cotton dress and walked over and sat down on a wooden bench that was positioned under the window. She patted the seat, "Sit next to me Ester." Once Ester had sat her mother wrapped her arms around her tiny shoulders and gazed into her large blue eyes and begged, "Remember one thing. You are no longer Ester. Your name is Anna, Anna Braun. Say it Anna." Then her mother gazed out of the window into the lovely garden and started to sob. "Why do I have to go away and change my name?" Anna asked. "It 's for your own good!" Her mother firmly stated. "Will you come with me?" Anna pleaded. "I can 't dearest.
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