Summary Of The Graveyard Book

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Once upon a time there was a child named Nobody. Why would his parent name him Nobody? Bod’s true parents never actually mention Bod’s name. The author of the Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman decided not to divulge Bod’s name for this reason; Bod’s original name would have no connotation in the tale. If Neil Gaiman had named young Bod, Fred, would it have changed the story? Presumably not. The graveyard-folk would not known his name, so they still could have named him Bod. Even if they had known his name, the ghosts said his name guarded him. Would not they still have changed Bod’s name? Bod’s original name doesn’t have an extensive reaction on the story, so that was a potential reason why Neil Gaiman just left it out all together. Bod, even though
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