Summary Of ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Zack and I met when I was four and he was seven. I was playing in my front yard when he rolled down the street on his bike. He was a fairly scrawny boy with short dirty blond hair, and bright green eyes. His teeth would have been perfectly straight if not for the massive gap his two front teeth left when they freed themselves from his face. It was pretty obvious there was an age difference between us, but he stopped anyway and introduced himself briefly then went about his business patrolling the neighborhood on his little Superman bike. From that point on we saw each other in passing but never really became good friends until one summer about two years later.

All the other neighborhood kids had left for the summer so we were the only two smaller kids still around. We decided it would be fun if we went down to the usual hangout spot for all the children in the neighborhood, the woods down behind the community swimming pool. The pool was catty-corner to my house, so I was just waiting in my front yard for Zach to walk the distance of the two houses that separated my yard and his. We met up in front of the cherry tree in my side yard then proceeded to walk down the street towards the pool. Along the length of the street was a fenced-in yard that inclosed six of the most obnoxious dogs that ever walked the face of the Earth. Three of the dogs were small yappy little things, one of them was a midsize mut, and the last two were fairly large jet black canines with a vendetta…
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