Summary Of The Great Gatsby Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Discussion Director 1. Why is Nick narrating the story? I’m not sure why he is but it seems to me that it is important to the story. It could be that he’s a window into the character looking from the outside. 2. Why was Gatsby looking at the green light at the end of the chapter – what did that mean? I’m not sure but it seems like it would be symbolic. It certainly is mysterious and you wonder who is over there and why Gatsby has his arms out. Chapter Discussion Notes • This chapter starts out with Nick narrating the story • We figure out that this Nick guy is a Caraway • The caraways are a wealthy and classy family • Nick went to Yale • Basically Nick tells us about being non-judgmental and how people tell him their life stories because of his non-judgmental listening guy attitude • He starts to introduce the readers to the setting of the book • Setting: o It takes place in New York City o He introduces readers to West Egg and East Egg o We talked about how this could connect to the real NYC because if you go to a map – you can see a part of the area that look like two peninsulas – could be the “eggs” • Nick lives on East Egg – which is less fancy than West Egg, but still very fancy. • Right next to him is a huge mansion – and the only thing he knows about the mansion is the mysterious Gatsby lives there. • In this chapter Nick goes to the Buchanans – he goes mainly to see Daisy who is his cousin. • They have a lot of money • They have a dinner and chat
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