Summary Of ' The Grinch '

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Biography The Grinch is a creature called a What because no one knew what he was. He was born and dropped to Whoville, where all the Whos lived, in a basket like all the rest of the babies. However, unlike them he had green skin and green fur all over his body. He was taken in by a couple of females who acted like parents to him. He grew up and went to school and was indifferent to the Christmas holiday that was seen as a sacred holiday by all. At the age of eight years old he was starting to accept Christmas and showed interest in a certain girl named Martha that seemed to like him back. When he changed his appearance to be more accepted by his peers, they bullied him for trying to look like them (by shaving his fur). After this he went into a rage and destroyed all Christmas presents and the tree in his classroom. Ever since that day he lived as a recluse in a cave on a mountain far from everyone else only coming to Whoville to secretly cause some chaos and ruin peoples day. His life changed when a little girl named Cindy Lou Who gained interest in him and nominated him for Holiday Cheermeister after he saved her on one of his trips to Whoville. He accepted the award and was starting to feel apart of the community until town mayor Augustus Maywho, who was one of his classmates, gave him a razor that reminded him of his childhood and proposed to Martha. Grinch then destroyed the city and hatched a plan to stop Christmas from coming by stealing all the gifts and food. He

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