Summary Of The Handmaid's Tale: A Fictional Narrative

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Once Perceval hurried the small crowd from the room, he asked Ulrich to step into the hallway with him, and Carina, fussing with the bedclothes, overheard the whispered conversation. “Bring me the sheets when you’re done,” whispered Perceval. “Gawain handled them for me on my wedding night, and I’ll do the same for you and make sure they’re hung out far on the other side of the castle.” “Thank you, Perceval,” replied Ulrich. Carina sat on the bed and waited, but Gawain’s voice chimed in. “I think I’ll hang around for the excitement,” said Gawain. Perceval exhaled in frustration. “Ulrich, I’m not here to make fun of you,” said Gawain in a low, sincere voice. “I only want to be one of the first to clap you on the back and tell you ‘job well done.’ You have my word.” “Fine,” said Ulrich. “Your word’s good.” XXXX Ulrich sealed the door and strode over to the bed where his…show more content…
“My bride,” he said, lying still and kissing her lips gently. “Are you all right?” XXXX No, Carina thought. I am not all right. It felt as if she’d been impaled on a sword; the pain was that sharp and immediate. But what had Joan suggested? That’s right! Count to twenty and breathe. She was at ten, and the pain had already started to fade. Carina wondered how other women coped, women whose husbands were not as patient and kind as Ulrich. If he’d thrust away hard without a care for her, she might have been sick. She loved and trusted him now more than ever. “Carina?” Ulrich had stopped moving entirely. She gazed up at him. “Go on.” “All right. Nice and slow.” Ulrich moved gently at first, taking deep breaths all the while, mostly keeping his eyes squeezed shut as if deep in concentration. He often leaned down to kiss her, and broke off every once in a while to tell her how amazing she felt, or simply groan: “Oh,
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