Summary Of ' The Hanging Tree '

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If only… 2015 The old grey stones of the abandoned church were only visible where the vines and moss hadn’t yet reached. The forest itself seemed to crane its neck in an attempt to envelop the solitary church standing now as the only sign of a once busy community. The stained glass windows had given way so that the vines could enter and feel their way through a place unknown and forbidden to their advances for so long. Within the church, a portion of the ceiling had collapsed and a beam of green forest sunlight illuminated the altar of the old sanctuary. Not far from this place of refuge was a barren field with no evident traces of life other than a large, crippled tree looming in the distance. Stories were told about this very tree -…show more content…
I see him in the crowd – he’s the only one smiling, the only one looking me in the eyes. He knows he has won and he knows there is nothing I can do to stop my unjust death. Journal entry 19th November 1860, I know. I know who it was. I know I’m next. I know there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop this. I’m trying to embrace it, really I am but how can I just give up, knowing he took them away from me? I figured it out – I guess it is always the one you least expect. Who would have thought the friendly neighbour was capable of murder? Definitely not my beloved wife and daughter. Definitely not the police. Definitely not me. The police don’t suspect him. No - they suspect me and I have no evidence to suggest otherwise. All the police know is that my neighbour reported a disturbance in our house – I was arguing with my wife and suddenly I’m the lead suspect in a murder investigation. The murder investigation of my wife and daughter. The police are no help – I tell them it wasn’t me and that I stormed out of the house after the argument and I saw him entering our house straight after. That was the last time I saw them. The last time I saw my wife’s smile. The last time I heard my daughter’s cherubic voice. I may be innocent but I know that my hands are still stained with the blood of my family … I’m still guilty. If only I didn’t start arguing with Sophia. If only I didn’t leave straight afterwards. If only I had the will to survive. I now
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