Summary Of ' The House That I Left '

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At some point in life everyone leaves the home that they grew up in. Some leave home to attend college, others may start their own families, and some take off to embark on other adventures. The house that I left was the only place that I had ever known as home, and I thought that I could always return to it to relive the thousands of memories I had made while living there for 17 years. With the morning sun shining through the curtains me and my boyfriend, Eddie, got out of bed at about 8 a.m. ready to spend our first Fourth of July with our daughter, Averie. With Averie in my arms, I happily strolled into the small living room where the T.V. was blaring the Paw Patrol theme song. As I was stepping into the room and began sitting on the darkly colored sofa, something inside of me told me to check my phone. I laid Averie on the ground and gave her toys to play with; as she laid there playing and laughing I checked my phone. The first thing on the screen was a text message from my cousin and she asked, “Is Everything okay? How is everyone? I seen Chelsey’s Facebook post.” I thought to myself, “That’s weird, why is she asking that?” The next message was from my sister, Chelsey, and what she had to say really surprised and confused me all I could do was stare at the phone. All of the messages on my phone confused me, but my sister’s message was the one that stood out the most and would eventually impact my life in a somewhat huge way. Chelsey’s message read, “Mom’s house is
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