Summary Of ' The House That I Live '

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When a professor informs the class that they are going to watch a movie, it’s easy to assume that they’re all thinking the same things: YES, No lecture/writing and or ‘I’m going back to sleep’. But on October 21-26, I watched a documentary entitled: The House That I Live In. Just like the others, pretty much assumed that this was going to put me to sleep, considering I had a heavy breakfast (as usual). Ironically it was the complete opposite. What I saw instead compelled me to write this overview of how I feel.
History 50 and Philosophy 76 are two different subjects, yet on these two days, someh0w these topics corresponded with one another. African American history is very important to me, of course being that my family is from Haiti. Growing up in the U.S. school system, what was taught to me usually came from those who interpreted what they knew and published books. These gigantic books (by subject) became a monolog for the teachers before and after. So, whatever was taught to me, is what all I know; based on what America wants me and everyone else to know. At times, I contemplate, if I only know what was taught to me, what is America hiding form me and generations to come? Am I really an American although I’m oblivious as to what’s going on in this country?
In Phil 76, a topic that is widely debated is addiction. Addiction is usually a topic that’s universal in regards to skin tones. This documentary however, gave me a different perspective, which I haven’t thought
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