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(314) 493-6100 Who Needs Enemies With a Friend Like This? by Tom Moran “Oh my God, I’m dead” said Yuuno Tatsuyo. “This is heaven.” She’s lying on a tanning bed by a large, public pool. She looks around at people passing by, then finally at her friend, Jess. She looks at me and smiles, then giggles as she spots two guys looking in our direction. One of them was clearly trying to get the other to come talk to us. He shook his head and walked away, the other guy following in hot pursuit. She looked over to see that Jess had gone after the boys. “Gah, now who’s gonna rub tanning lotion on my back.” She lays her head down in defeat until she hears a very deep, sexy voice saying “I’ll do it.” She looks up to see the largest man she has ever seen. Easily over 6 feet tall, the man was lean, had long golden blonde hair, and eyes that matched the azure sky. He had a mischievous grin on his, like he laughed a lot and made other people laugh. He was drop-dead gorgeous and he was shirtless (Oh my god!) and his body was taut and rock hard. I couldn’t think straight. “Wha-huh?” I said, ever so gracefully. “I said, I’ll rub the lotion on your back. Only if you want of course…” the man said, grinning. “Oh, uh, of course.” She said handing him the bottle.
He put the lotion on…

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