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The Iconoclast in Black No More A Black person learns very early that his color is a disadvantage in the world of white folk. This being an unalterable circumstance, one also learns very early to make the best of it. George S. Schuyler, Black, and Conservative George S. Schuyler, author of Black No More, was born in Rhode Island in 1885 and died in New York in 1977. Schuyler’s father died when he was three years old; his mother remarried, and the family moved to Syracuse, New York. There Schuyler was taught the “protestant work ethic” of working hard for whatever he wanted to achieve (Rac(e)ing to the Right, xv). In conjunction with what Schuyler learned from his grandmother, who was self-confident and determined to stand up for herself,…show more content…
However, one of the positives Schuyler experienced in the Army is that he became a clerk at the Schofield Barracks, where he cultivated his “writing and typing skills.” That along with his submission of sardonic articles for the “military magazine, the Service;” that along with writing for a local Honolulu paper and maintaining the bulletin board for Schofield, was the beginning of his profession as a journalist (Williams, 15). After returning to civilian life. Schuyler learned about Socialism, joined the Socialist Party and began his journalism career in 1923, writing the column, “Shafts and Darts: A Page of Calumny and Satire” for the Message, a Socialist paper (Judge). Subsequently, as Schuyler’s views took a turn for the far right, Schuyler was named as one of the few Black conservatives of his time. The Pittsburg Currier is where Schuyler spent forty years as a columnist, only losing his position after he posted a scathing protest against Dr. Martin Luther King’s nomination to receive the Nobel Peace prize. Additionally, Schuyler used his satirical style to counter the racist Ku Klux Klan, the highbrow W.E.B. DuBois and the celebrated writers and artists associated with the Harlem Renaissance (Kickler). Black No More, one of the first Science fiction stories by a Black author, is Schuyler’s point of view concerning the race problem in

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