Summary Of The Importance Of Cnas

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IntroductionThis article was about the commitment of CNAs and the prevention of turnover. Those whoexecute their job have better relationships with residents. A CNA is responsible for learningpersonal preferences and the needs of residents. Culture care is a new transformation nursinghomes around the globe are going through. This system benefits a resident by creating newapproaches! They are sole customized and focus on the individual. I find it fascinating healthcare facilities are valuing the preferences of patients. This new system also benefits the healthcare facility, intending to decrease turnovers they hope to motivate CNAs. Studies show theintention to stay depends on rewards of the job. It also depends on other opportunities theyreceive.…show more content…
They have the knowledge of personal preferences of patients. Which is a3huge component of good health care. This article has influenced my opinion of the importance ofCNAs. I will be able to use the information given to improve my education. I can apply culturecare when doing my job and take into account the personal preferences of my resident.For Further StudyI have a few suggestions for the author regarding their case studies. I think instead of surveyingCNAs on the care they give to patients, it should be done from the patient's perspective. I alsosuggest that the author expresses the importance of CNAs in a more positive way. I read a lotabout new inventive transformations that have excellent impacts on the industry. I was thrilled tolearn that there is person-centered care given to individuals. That has an impeccable effect on thecommunity. We can expect to receive care that respects our culture, religion, and values.ConclusionIn conclusion, a CNAs intention to stay and effort they put into to job affects the resident.“Residents were more satisfied with their relationships to nursing staff and their quality of life onunits where a higher proportion of CNAs were committed to their jobs” (pg. 1/15). A nurseassistant has a drastic effect on care given. They obtain preferences of individuals. Furthermore,a residents likes and dislikes can be understood by their care giver. That’s a remarkableaccomplishment for health care. I have learned that my actions and efforts I put into my job willeither positively or negatively impact my
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