Summary Of The Interlopers By Robert Frost

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Robert Frost, a famous poet who has written many award winning poems, one of the most popular of his collection is a mending wall. A wall separates two neighbors, who repair the wall after winter time displaces the rock on them. In the short story the interlopers by famous writer Robert Saki a family rivalry separates two families from ever getting along. The two have fought over a plot of land and intend to kill or get justice for the othe one to solve this 200 year conflict. Moreover the boundaries between the familys have or will affect the bonds betwwen the two.Saki uses characterization and Frost uses imagery to convey a theme that excessive boundaries unnecessarily drive people apart.
In the poem Mending Wall the two neighbors have constructed a wall in between each others homes. When its mending time in the early spring, after hunters and nature have torn the rocks from the wall. The narrator questions the purpose of having a wall while his neighbor claims that “good fences make good neighbors” The narrator feels as though the wall is unnecessary. “He is all pine and I am apple orchard./ My apple trees will never get across/ and eat the cones under his pines.” Frost 26-28 Frost gets the point across that big huge walls that serve no purpose just separate neighbors unneededly and provide only a line between the two pieces of land. The narrator feels like there shouldn't be any boundaries between neighbors and, that neighbors should be in unity not isolated from one
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