Summary Of ' The Invisible Man '

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Keenan Fix Essay 1: The Invisible Man History 228 Professor Harris 5-7 Pages Finding awareness through a journey Throughout the novel The Invisible Man, the narrator struggles with constant prejudice and racism. These negative experiences in many ways shape his opinions and the way in which he views the world. The narrator suffers indignities at the hands of white men early on and no matter what he does he seems to be attacked in part because of his race. The narrator believes he is metaphorically invisible because society doesn’t see him as an individual but as a collection of negative racial stereotypes. In his view no matter what he does or achieves he will be seen as an African American man not just as a man. The narrator is the victim of the racism which was exceedingly common place at the time and as a result of this and constantly being labeled decides to go underground. He is a victim of his circumstances and as a result is deceived and exploited by both whites and African Americans many of whom he is supposed to trust. The narrator goes along with ideas thus in some ways not coming to the conclusion of what is truly right on his own. Others who supposedly have his best interest manipulate him after they gain his trust and then in turn betray him. Early on the narrator who is obviously quite bright allows others to use him for their own benefit. He is initially exceedingly trusting of others and doesn’t contemplate what their exterior

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