Summary Of The Issues Led By Modified Seeds By Lakshawn Yapa

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The Issues lead by Modified Seed with Yapa’s Views Lakshawn Yapa a professor in Geography Department at Penn State University; is a highly known for his article, “What Are Improvised Seeds?” The PhD professor believed that modern poverty is a form of development induced scarcity. According to Yapa’s well known article, he writes modification of crops and how now pesticides are becoming more powerful to withstand the GMO crops. Not only are they changing the crops and pesticides, but it’s also causing illnesses and diseases. In Asia, the groundwater and streams have been contaminated by the use of fertilizer and pesticide. Yapa writes, “The fish and crab population that lived in the rice paddies, an important source of protein for the poor have rapidly declined, or [is no longer] safe to eat.”…show more content…
This is an issue, and many can agree that the popular view of poverty must change. Yapa also mentions in his article that the most common theory of poverty is due to the lack of resources and technology. So although some can say that the modified seeds are what some poverty countries need, many others would agree that it’s only making their country worst. And most times farmers don’t have the money to even buy these expensive seeds. So therefore, there is absolutely no need for the GMO seeds. Because just as mentioned before it’s contaminating the waters and is only causes more illnesses and diseases, and we don’t want that. So stop creating more problems and issues for these countries and provide better resources and solutions that won’t make problems
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