Summary Of ' The Joy Luck Club '

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Book: The Joy Luck Club
Author: Amy Tan
By: Bala Sundaram
A) The Joy luck Club presents a couple of themes but one of which, relates to an issue that is affecting many immigrant families who bring up their kids in foreign countries. In forwards, the difficulty in speaking and translating another language.The mothers and daughters in the book have difficulty in communicating their ideas and feelings with one another.The problems associated with communicating with one another create a barrier between the mother’s Chinese language and the daughter’s English language.The mothers and daughters misunderstand what the other is intending to say due to the differences in the meanings of their cultural languages.The differences in the languages are perceived differently by the mother and the daughter leading them to act towards each other differently. The fragmented use of the two languages is understood by the reader when Jing-mei realizes that some Chinese words cannot be translated into English. Jing-mei thinks of her mother as a failure in society and sets herself apart from her. Her mother is impatient and says that her daughter doesn’t understand the cultural meaning of the Chinese language and doesn’t acknowledge the Chinese heritage. This theme is evident in the book because the characters bring up the frustration associated with their daughters understanding the Chinese meanings without understanding the Chinese culture.

B) Another…

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