Summary Of ' The ' Killer '

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Erin Lindsay sat on her couch, clothes still damp from the night’s previous events, closely listening to the sounds of the storm. The rain continued to pour, dripping from the gutters unto her windowsill. Drip, Drip, Drop. She hadn’t yet changed, still bothered the actions of her boss Hank Voight. It was nearly impossible for her to comprehend why Hank had to go after Justin’s killer like that. If there was one thing she didn’t want it was for her boss, and father figure to go down trying to protect his own family; and she knew the only way for him to avoid that was with her help.

After about thirty minutes of just listening to the rain fall in the silence of her dark, lonely, apartment she decided she couldn’t take it anymore. She had to do something to get her mind off Hank Voight. She tried watching a movie, doing a puzzle, even playing candy crush on her phone, but her mind always wondered off. Since none of that worked she decided to just go to bed.

She changed into a big t-shirt and crawled under her covers in hopes to find some amount of warmth and comfort. But there was none. She had gotten too used to spending the nights with Jay, and the warmth he provided whenever they were snuggled close. She laid still for a while, her mind fixated on early tonight. Hanks voice replayed in her head. “Get back in your car Erin.” Erin couldn’t help but think how things could have been different. How Hank didn’t have to do this.

No longer could she subside her emotions as
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