Summary Of ' The Kite Runner '

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This novel tells a heartbreaking story about a friendship between to Afghan boys. While these boys have many differences their friendship is remarkable. Amir is born to a privileged class while Hassan to a disliked minority. Amir can read and write, but Hassan is illiterate. Amir is defenseless while Hassan is constantly defending Amir. They boys are always together and even though Hassan is Amir’s servant, Amir looks at him as friends. This unusually passionate story is also about the fragile relationship between fathers and sons, humans and their gods, men and their countries. This story also communicates about immigrant communities and what it means to be displaced from your homeland. The story takes place in Kabul, Afghanistan where the two boys live. All though the boys are both from Afghanistan, Hassan is looked at as a mutt because he is Hazara. Through out the story the two boys are threatened by a group of older boys who constantly bully them both, but mostly towards Hassan for being a Hazara. The racism in the Kite Runner is serious and in a gruesome scene, one of the older boys Assef rapes Hassan to teach him a lesson. This scene not only sticks with the reader the rest of the story, but also with Amir who can’t shake off the fact that he ran away instead of helping his dearest friend. Later in the book when Amir is returning to Afghan after living in America because of the Russian soldiers that came and invaded, he feels as if he is a tourist in his own

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