Summary Of The Landlady By Roald Dahl

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Do You Know How Authors like Roald Dahl Create Creepy Stories? Roald Dahl has successfully presented creepy moments and ideas in his writing by the very uncommon, but realistic scenarios the characters are put in, word choice, and character development. The author gives very little background information at the beginning of the story causing the reader to be surprised with how the characters develop throughout the story. One way the author has presented scary ideas was by putting the characters in scenarios that are possible to happen to anyone, yet they are very unlikely. In The Landlady, the main character is your average businessman just looking for a place to stay for the night in a town he’s not familiar with. He decides to stay in a bed and breakfast ran by an old lady who keeps her guests held hostage and later kills them and stuffs them. The text says, “She seemed terribly nice. She looked exactly like the mother of one’s best schoolfriend welcoming one into the house to stay for the Christmas holidays.” This came from the main character as he compares the situation he’s in, to another one that he is just as likely to be in. In contrast, the main character from The Lamb to the Slaughter, is a pregnant and married woman. She gets in a dispute with her husband and ends up killing him with a leg of lamb that she feeds to the police, hiding her only evidence. The text says, “There was a slow smiling air about her, and about everything she did. The drop of the head as

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