Summary Of ' The Lemonator ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Lemonator

The Lemonator’s story begins about four years ago when he sprung out of a bud on a tree in Hawaii. His real name was Lem, but he hated his name so he decided to have everyone call him the Lemonator.He was born with a double stem and a rich family. Lem was the youngest of his family. He was just a late bloomer. Anyway, he had no chance of getting any of his parents wealth after they died so he decided to go and make a name for himself. He thought and thought about how he could hit the big time, but he couldn’t come up with any good ideas. Then his older brother Lenny told him that he should pursue his love of boxing. Lem loved the idea. Now all he had to do was get of the tree. He started to swing back and forth until his double stem broke loose. Once he broke loose, he fell twenty-five feet and rolled down a hill another fifty feet down until he landed in the ocean. He floated there in the ocean with no hope of being rescued. There was a log about fifty feet out in the ocean. He knew that he couldn’t just float there forever, so he started to swim out toward the log. Just as he was starting to get to the log, a pelican swooped down from nowhere and scooped Lem up in his beak. Lem didn’t know what just happened, so he just sat there in the pelicans gular pouch. He thought he was dead; lonely and dead. Then all of a sudden, the pelican stopped. He spit Lem out and said “ Hi, my name is Pete. Pete the pelican. What’s your name?” Lem just sat there on a…
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