Summary Of The Lesson By Toni Cade

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In Tomi Cade’s, “The Lesson”, Miss Moore is an old and Wise Woman. She reminds me of my grandmothers because she spends her time giving younger people advice. Throughout the story, Cade uses very vivid imagery and language to create an image of the inner city in the mid 90’s. Miss Moore spends most of her time trying to help Silvia and her friends become better by teaching them lessons life lessons, stressing the importance of education, and showing them new scenery. Miss Moore has experienced enough throughout her lifetime to give Silvia and her friends good advice. Silvia and her friends show that would rather be doing other things than learning life lessons from Miss Moore throughout the story. Silvia says that, “So we heading down the street and she's boring us silly about what things cost and what our parents make and how much goes for rent and how money ain't divided up right in this country” (Cade 21).Miss Moore is teaching the kids the big gap between the rich and poor. During the time of this story, there was still plenty of racism and segregation. The kids did not understand how much a person had to work during that time to be able to afford to live. Miss Moore was teaching the kids lessons that they could use for the rest of their lives. …show more content…

Miss Moore knew the importance of education because she had a college degree. Miss Moore knew that the kids would miss out on opportunities if they did not get a good education. Cade states, “She'd been to college and said it was only right that she should take responsibility for the young ones' education, and she not even related by marriage or blood.” Miss Moore thought that it was her responsibility to show the kids the importance of education because there was no one else that would show them. Miss Moore saw attributes in the children that she had when she was

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