Summary Of ' The Lobster ' By David Foster Wallace

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Throughout Consider the Lobster, an article written by David Foster Wallace about the 2004 Maine Lobster Festival, Wallace demonstrates that not all of his writing is clear and concise. The author does this through his various viewpoints in the article, which allow him to capture the reader 's attention. A particular sentence that captures the initiation of Wallace’s writing is, “The suppers come in styrofoam trays, and the soft drinks are iceless and flat, and the coffee is convenience-store coffee in more styrofoam, and the utensils are plastic (there are none of the special long skinny forks for pushing out the tail meat.) (Pg. 239).” Within this sentence, Wallace describes the many parts of the festival and how they show the not so good side of the festival. Between the cheap styrofoam trays and the flat drinks, the festival gives off a poor vibe to the reader. Wallace’s use of changing viewpoints adds to what he originally wants to do, which is to be able to give the reader a chance to pick which side of the argument they want to be on. The author not only gives the reader different views, but he also changes up his tone. By adding dynamic shifts in his writing, he includes the reader and gives better feel for what this article is really about. This gives the reader a feel of what Wallace really is thinking. This sentence stands out due to the fact that Wallace talks about the positive aspects of what occurs during the festival throughout the beginning of the article.

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