Summary Of ' The Looming Tower ' By Lawrence Wright

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Summary of The Looming Tower: The Looming Tower, written by Lawrence Wright, examines the people involved and the events leading up to the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The text included the personal accounts of Osama bin Laden and other middle-eastern influences such as Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri (the most significant ideological frontrunner of al-Qaeda), Abdullah Azzam, Khallad, and Sayyid Qutb, along with western factors like, Daniel Coleman, Jack Cloonan, Patrick Fitzgerald, and John O’Neill. The choices made by those influencers in the Middle East, and in the west, during the 20th century created the climate in which the terrorist organization al-Qaeda was formed, and the terror of 9/11 was executed. Two specific…show more content…
From this perspective Lewis believes the economic, political, and general aspect of Middle Eastern societies formed based on those factors; meaning the increase of Islamic driven terrorism and radicalization was somewhat inevitable. However, the viewpoint of Wright in The Looming Tower fixated on the personal identity of certain individuals, choices made by the free will of people, and the idea that these specific people and choices were the sole backbone of the movement of radical Islamic terror; had they not existed, the issue may not have been present. Proof Some of the major contributors of Middle Eastern rejection toward westernization came from the decision to include women in the building of their nation state. This greatly affected their relations of production (labor force) and productive forces (technology and innovation), in an attempt to gain the power and force necessary to keep up with western and non-western countries who also accepted this concept of modernization into their structure, or modes of production. While the more progressive areas adopted the emancipation of women into their culture, the more conservative and Islamic ruled regions rejected this idea because it was thought to be against the Quran and was an “incitement to mortality”. While some leaders of the more secular regions in the middle east realized the emancipation of women would practically double their work force and maintain the economy while the men were fighting in war,

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