Summary Of ' The Lord Is Salvation '

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His name was Hoshe 'a (“Salvation”) the son of Nun, of the tribe of Ephraim, but Moses went and renamed him Yehoshu 'a (“The Lord is Salvation”) or as in North American cultures traditionally known as Joshua (Numbers 13:16, NRSV). Joshua is a great leader from the bible he really shows how being faithful to God will end in complete success for you. I think it important to note, that just because he is a man in the bible and known as a great leader, Joshua was only human he let doubt settle in at times and wasn’t as some would say “super human” he had faults just like us and was not perfect. The book of Joshua is a great example that Yahweh is a promise-keeping God even if He works on His own time and in His own way. For example the Promise land was promised to the Israelites back in Genesis 15:18-21 where God states: “To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt as far as the great river the Euphrates. The land of the Kenites, Kenizites, Kadmonites; the Chitties, Perizites, Refaim; the Emorites, Canaanites, Gigashites and Yevusites.”

The main purpose for the book of Joshua is the completion of the promise God made in Genesis 12-50 (Attridge, Harold W., 2006, P.310). To start off the process of the Israelites attaining the profiled promise of God they cross the Jordan river with Joshua, the rest of the book is set in a desert region as they journey to the land of Canaan (Joshua 1:2). As far as the social setting of this book the way they greet
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