Summary Of ' The Lottery '

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The Lottery 2 Mrs.Samantha walked down to the town square she was ready for the lottery. She was still grieving over the death of her best friend Tessie and was not ready for the lottery again. As she was walking down the street she ran into her friend, Mrs.Juliet and she said, “I think I might break out crying because the lottery was sacred and Old Man Warner if he was still here would not be happy that we have changed it. I can’t believe that he had died in the winter I guess it was just too cold for his little old body.’’ Mrs.Samantha and Mrs.Juliet were gossiping over the lottery, ”Hey did you hear what Kanye said about the lottery, This year they are picking two people to fight to the death.“ Just then Mary walked up and…show more content…
He said, ”Alright then let’s get started.“ He started to call the names of the people who are allowed to be in the lottery. He called out ” Kanye, Romeo, Jack, Jay Z, George, Antoni“ they all go get a slip of paper from the box. Now time for the girls ”Kim, Mrs Samantha, Mary, Juliet, Jill , Beyonce, Cleopatra.“ They all go get a slip of paper. The men open theirs first then the man who got the black dot has to fight to the death with a woman or a child. Jay Z asked ”Who has the black dot?“ Kanye held up the paper and it had a black dot on it. Jay Z told the women to open their slips of paper to see if they have the black dot. The women and children who are 10 or older opened their slips of paper. Beyonce raised up her slip of paper it had the black dot on it. Both Kanye and Beyonce walked forward. Jay Z took them to the arena so they can fight. Something was wrong they looked around and saw there were no weapons to help kill the person faster, so that meant they would have to try to kill each other by their hands only. That took longer and it would probably have a long time suffering in pain or the person could get killed instantly and have a fast death. People were not okay with this new method of the lottery they were confused and scared they didn’t want the lottery any more. They stall that the other
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