Summary Of ' The Mexican Gray Wolves '

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Luz Medina
English 1101
Research Essay
9 December, 2016 Mexican Gray Wolves In fifth grade I was heavily obsessed with wolves. I had a wolf backpack, socks,shirts, you name it. I would constantly draw pictures of them. One day I checked out a book on wolves at my school library. After reading the book ten year old me learned that my favorite species of wolves were endangered. I felt bad because I didn’t want them to disappear. So I went onto the website, an organization that helps endangered species. I had seen it in the book and donated twenty dollars that I borrowed from my parents. Although I only donated one time I kept up with the updates that they would provide. Nonetheless, we should all be concerned about protecting the endangered species. I want them to be around when I’m older and have a family which is why I believe that the restoration program of the Mexican Gray wolves is so important. Others may not agree with me because they don’t want another predator in the wild however, similarly to how the government works the wilderness needs checks and balances. The wolves contribute to it by being apart of the food chain.
To begin with, Mexican Gray wolves are also referred to as “lobos” which means wolves in spanish. The Mexican Gray wolves are a subspecies of the Northern gray wolf. They were very popular during the early 1900’s mostly in the southern states such as southeastern Arizona, southern New Mexico, western Texas and northern

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