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Mikado Position Paper “The Mikado” is a comic operetta, in two acts, composed in 1885. It was first performed on stage at the Savoy Theatre, in London. It has been said that this operetta consists of racist comments and stereotyping. After thoroughly researching about “The Mikado,” I have come to the conclusion that “The Mikado” production in Seattle is offensive, due to their choice of portrayal. This operetta intended to satire the British society, not the Japanese people. In my opinion, the goal of a satire is not accomplished. The librettist merely jokes about the British politics through the eyes of Japanese people. This makes it offensive because, at that time, the Japanese were killed and driven out in the 1800s. What was accepted then does not justify its perpetuation today. People should not be insensitive to the dangers of stereotyping in public as they can cause damage that a lot of people are unaware of (Northwestern Asian Weekly, 2014). To being with, the Seattle production of this operetta hired white actors to play Japanese people. It was entirely comprised of white actors who are transformed into Japanese characters with the help of makeup. Where did all the Asian actors go? What made Gilbert want to utilize white actors? The white actors dressed up to depict Japanese people is unfair because they are portrayed as archaic, and is not even relevant to this time. Japan was not even part of the British politics at that time, yet Japanese people are the pawn

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